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Zara Anderson

Hello, I am Zara Anderson, and I work as an international business development executive, mostly in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia, delivering value to global locations. Right now, I'm assisting the conventional AEC business with the use of BIM technologies. My business provides BIM solutions (Architecture, Structure and MEPF 2D Drafting & 3D Modeling, BIM Consulting, BIM Manpower Support and Digital Construction Transformation).
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    Catégorie(s) : Tous #Architectural Services (1) #Construction Services (1) #Real estate (1) #Infrastructure Design Services (2) #Landscape Design Services (2) #MEP BIM Services (2) #Steel Detailing Services (1) #Building Energy Modeling Services (1) #MEP Shop Drawings Services (1) #MEP Coordination Services (2) #CAD to BIM Conversion Services (1) #Precast Panel Detailing Services (2) #Revit Family Creation Services (1) #BIM Automation Services (1) #Scan to BIM Services (2) #Structural BIM Services (2) #Pipe Spool Drawings Services (1) #Architectural BIM Services (1) #BIM Outsourcing Services (1) #Facade Shop Drawing Services (1) #CAD Digitization and Conversion Services (1) #Construction Documentation Services (1) #MaRS Trans USA LLC provides the best Architectural Drafting services in USA (1) #UK (2) #Canada (2) #and Australia. Architects would physically develop drawings by hand with t-squares (1) #set squares (1) #and compasses on a drawing table. They utilized to work for days and days to request each detail. The finished item was considered a work of craftsmanship and science (1) #estimated for its exactness and specialized detail. We offer an up-front citation on the total project so you’ll know the full-taken toll without any shocks. If the extension is open-ended at that point the standard hourly rate will apply. Either way (1) #you're in control of taking a toll up-front (1) #so no shocks. (1) #Structural Steel Detailing (1) #Rebar Detailing Services (1) #Structural Information Model Services (1) #Point Cloud to 3D Model Services (1) #DWG to RVT Conversion Services (1) #Looking to have Construction Documentation Set Services? MaRS Trans USA LLC is the right choice for you. We help contractors (1) #sub-contractors (1) #and project stakeholders collect all the information about the project in one file. The work of construction documents helps know essential information about the project as and when it requires understanding the in and out of the components. This set of documents has all project data (1) #including drawings to the final modeling with marks of points and another set of building segments. To know more about the services and get the best competitive quotes (1) #get in touch with our team today! (1) #Steel Detailing Drawing Services (1) #We are the recommended and trusted Rebar Detailing Drawings Services provider (1) #providing detailed and accurate rebar services for all small and large BIM projects. Our team of rebar detailers has expertise in creating rebar shop drawings that help sort all confusion and error while adopting 3D modeling of rebar. By outsourcing Rebar detailing drawings services with MaRS Trans USA LLC (1) #we adhere to deliver real-time rebar services including reinforcement drawings (1) #execution drawings (1) #3D modeling (1) #and estimations. The technicalities and crucial points that come under rebar services are all taken care from our team of Rebar detailers (1) #drafters (1) #and engineers. Get the quotation for the services today! (1) #To evaluate the project details and follow the process with accuracy for a construction project (1) #it is necessary to have CAD to BIM Conversion Services. The team of experts uses highly scalable tools and software to analyze the CAD drawings to ensure they deliver accessible 3D BIM models. To check the early design and drawings for the BIM project (1) #the team uses CAD services that play an essential role in the construction project. For project efficiency and effective working pattern (1) #it is necessary to trust companies with an in-house team to work on these technical aspects of the work. Ensure the safety and outcome of the work. MaRS Trans USA LLC is a trusted name in the construction sector. (1) #MaRS Trans USA LLC provides the Best Design Validation Servies in the USA (1) #and Australia. Before going into production (1) #product prototypes must be validated to comprehensive requirement requirements across a variety of industries. Design validation procedures can be time-consuming and produce huge amounts of data that must be processed quickly to produce results. The activities involved in design validation frequently require the use of expensive engineering resources and specialized facilities. To know more details visit https://marsbiminternational.com/design/design-validation.html (1) #Get Best MEP Engineering Design Services in USA (1) #Prefabricated MEP Drawings (1) #Pipe Spool Drawings (1) #179D Tax Deduction Energy Modeling (1) #Green Architecture Design Services (1) #CD Set Drawings Services (1) #Digital Twin (1) #BIM Dimensions (1) #Point Cloud to 3D Modeling (1) #BIM for Modular Construction (1)
    MaRS Trans USA LLC CAD Digitization and Conversion Services in the USA. CAD Conversion Services are the process of converting your paper designs into a digital format. These services are essential to the architecture and engineering sectors because they allow designers to preserve the original integrity of their designs. Converting paper designs into digital formats ensures that your designs are preserved for future reference and can be stored digitally.

    CAD Digitization & Conversion from PDF/Paper

    MaRS Trans USA LLC offers CAD digitization services where our draftsmen can covert your pdf, paper, sketch plans or redmarkups in CAD Dwg format.
    CAD Digitization & Conversion from PDF/Paper
    A partir de MaRS BIM International - Revit Modeling Company
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